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Mr. Huy La

General Manager

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Sales Manager

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Sale Engineer

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Technical Manager

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Senior Purchasing

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General Accountant

About Us


Y&Y Precision and Automation Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in providing 4.0 assembly solutions and manufacturing jigs for businesses in industries such as automotive, electronics and machine building. Founded in 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City, Y&Y Precision and Automation has quickly become one of the leading companies in its field in Vietnam. Y&Y Precision and Automation's goal is to provide customers with efficient assembly solutions that help customers increase productivity and reduce production costs. We always aspire to be “TRUSTED PARTNER IN 4.0 INDUSTRY”.

The company specializes in providing solutions of famous brands such as Desoutter, HS-Technik, Tunker, SCS Concept... and services such as designing, installing and providing automation solutions, jigs, control systems, controls and sensors, and other supporting devices. With a team of experienced and highly specialized engineers, Y&Y Precision and Automation is committed to providing customers with high quality, efficient and cost-effective products. The company is committed to always putting the customer first, responding to all customer requirements and providing professional and prompt support services. With a sustainable development orientation, Y&Y Precision and Automation not only focuses on developing assembly solutions, but also focuses on environmental and social issues. The company regularly carries out social activities to actively contribute to the development of the community. With a high commitment to expertise and product quality, Y&Y Precision and Automation is a reliable partner for companies and businesses in the industry, especially in the field of automotive assembly, electrical- electronics, machine building, etc.


Build Y&Y as one of the 10 largest company and most pretigousprestigious distributors and manufactures in Vietnam. We have unceasingly strived to obtain such objective. Quality and prestige have been employed to conquer the strictest expectations from our customers.


For the customers: Prioritize customer needs for products and services. For society: Harmonious development between business and social interests, job creation and stable income. For the employees : We aim to build a friendly, energetic and creative working environment, facilitating the income development for our employees. For the industry: Build the Vietnam Industry developed on par with that of regional and global countries.

Core value

Cooperation: Cooperate in the spirit of mutual development and reach to expectation result. Respect: Respect and appreciate customers, employees and partners.. Responsibility: Always be responsible for the services- products provided by our company.




Established Y&Y Group
North office
Street hoist Hitachi distributor
Workshop setup


Established Quang Nam office


HST distributor
Desoutter service partner
Y&Y first smart torque software


ISO 9001


HST distributor
Desoutter service partner
Y&Y first smart torque software


SCS distributor